Updated Building Use Plan for Eden

After careful and prayerful discernment, Eden Mennonite Church will gather for worship in the church building beginning November 1, 2020. Because we are still in the midst of a global pandemic, we will exercise caution in our public gatherings and may need to suspend them in the future. We will pay attention to the spread of COVID-19 and the actions of local entities like Moundridge School District and McPherson County Health Department to help us discern our response to changing realities.

In our gathering we will care for each other, especially the most vulnerable among us, through the following behaviors:

  • We will stay home if we are exhibiting any symptoms of illness (fever, cough, loss of smell or taste, etc.)
  • We will follow good hygiene practices (coughing and sneezing into our arms, using hand sanitizer, washing hands with soap and water for 20 seconds, etc.)
  • We will wear masks in the church building. (Masks will be available for those who did not bring one with them.)
  • We will maintain 6 feet of distance between household units as we sit in the pews.
  • We will continue social distancing as we visit with each other before and after worship.
  • We will refrain from singing for at least the first month of indoor worship.
  • We will inform the church office immediately if we have received a positive test result for COVID-19 and have recently been present for a worship service in the building.

The following are other practices that the church will do, for the time being, to lower the risk of disease transmission, :

  • Every other pew row will be roped off to help facilitate appropriate spacing.
  • There will be no Coffee or Potlucks
  • Keep doors propped open to increase air circulation.
  • There will be no printed bulletins.
  • Microphones will not be passed, but will be set up on stands for individuals to use when sharing announcements and prayer requests.
  • Disinfect commonly touched items like pew backs, door handles, and bathroom hardware.
  • Children will remain in their pews during the Children’s Time.
  • The Library will be open with a sign emphasizing social distancing.
  • The Fellowship Hall will be available during worship, with tables and chairs maintaining appropriate spacing.
  • Offerings will be collected in one common container at the back of the sanctuary following the worship service.
  • The church office will comply with county requests if the need for contact tracing arises.
  • The church will suspend in-person gatherings for 2 weeks if an individual with a positive case of COVID-19 has recently been present for worship in the building.
  • Funerals will follow the above practices. Additionally, the traditional meal following the funeral may occur, but limited to family (as invited by the immediate family of the deceased). Mary Martha will determine their availability to serve. Funerals may need to be catered from outside the congregation.

Approved by Eden Leadership Team, October  19

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