Coronavirus Update:

Eden Mennonite Church, March 17, 2020

We are seeking to follow Jesus faithfully in the midst of the novel coronavirus pandemic. We have based the following decisions on our own discernment of how to lovingly care for our community, both local and global, and on the recommendations of the CDC. All statements below are subject to change based on outside recommendations and internal discernment.

Concerning Church Activities March 15-May 10, 2020:

    1. Eden Mennonite Church will not gather for any regular in-person functions for the next 8 weeks. This includes corporate worship, Sunday school, and meetings.
      • The pastors will coordinate Sunday School materials for families with children to have at home during this time.
      • The pastors will coordinate Bible Study content for adults.
      • The pastors will coordinate in-home worship options.
    2. We will plan to have funerals in the usual fashion, with strict limitations on the numbers of people attending.
    3. We will respond to the needs of the most vulnerable in our community as best we can.
      • The pastors and Deacons will coordinate safe contact and support to those in isolation in nursing facilities and hospitals.
      • The pastors and Becky Koller will coordinate volunteers to run errands for those who choose not to go out in public.
      • We will stay in contact with community leaders to respond to needs as they arise.
    4. During this time we will continue to financially support our building, resources, pastors, staff, and mission partners. Donations can be mailed or brought to the church office or given electronically through the church website.
    5. We, Eden Mennonite Church, will continue to function as a faith family by
    • Praying for health and peace for each other and our neighbors throughout the world.
    • Finding creative ways to connect with and support one another.
    • Experimenting with new ways of worship; connecting with God’s presence outside the church walls.