Coronavirus Update:

Eden Mennonite Church, Next Steps: June-August 2020

We are seeking to follow Jesus faithfully in the midst of the novel coronavirus pandemic. We have based the following decisions on our own discernment of how to lovingly care for our community, both local and global, and on the recommendations of the CDC. All statements below are subject to change based on outside recommendations and internal discernment.

Out next steps, stated in brief outline:

  1. Until McPherson County has announced “Phase Out” Eden will continue providing Worship-at-Home resources.
  2. Eden will also offer worship outside the church building.

          a. Those who wish to gather outside may bring their own chairs and blankets to sit at appropriate distances in the grassy area on the south side of the building. Those who wish to participate while maintaining further distance may stay in their cars, parked around the grassy area. Please practice “social distancing” during these gatherings.

 Building Use Plan for Eden Mennonite Church

  1. Eden will wait to gather for corporate worship in the building until after McPherson County has announced “Phase Out”.
  2. When we begin meeting in the building for corporate worship, we will follow these practices for the time being to limit disease spread:
    1. Prop open doors.
    2. Have masks available for anyone who would like one at both greeter stations. Announcements will indicate that masks are encouraged. Greeters will indicate that masks are available as people enter.
    3. High-contact individuals will wear masks while interacting with people: greeters, ushers, pastors, etc.
    4. Provide hand sanitizer in high traffic areas of the building.
    5. Discontinue coffee service and potlucks.
    6. The fellowship hall will be set up with 4-6 round tables, spaced apart, with 3 chairs at each table.
    7. We will print a very limited number of bulletins with the order of worship and ask folks to use their mobile devices if possible. Bulletins will be stacked on a pedestal just outside the sanctuary.
    8. Nursery will be open, but not staffed.
    9. Rope off every other pew and ask that congregants keep 6 feet distance between them and persons from other households.
    10. Children will remain in the pews during Children’s Times.
    11. Set up microphones on stationary stands for sharing and announcements.
    12. Collect Offerings in one central basket, just outside the sanctuary.
    13. Invite visitation to occur outside the building.
    14. The library will be open and we will post a sign encouraging social distance.
    15. Keep a log of attenders at each service. (Becky can do this using the video.)
    16. Disinfect commonly touched areas like door handles, bathroom hardware, and pew backs.
  3. Singing: We recognize this is a very touchy subject, but agree that the data so far suggests that singing is one of the riskiest practices in terms of disease spread, so we will plan for no congregational singing for at least the first month in the building. We will allow for the option of one or two singers to offer worship music, provided they maximize the distance between themselves and the congregation. These occurrences will be approved by the Pastors, Choir Director, and Worship Commission. 
  4. Funerals will follow the above practices. Additionally, the traditional meal following the funeral may occur, but limited to family (as invited by the immediate family of the deceased). Mary Martha will determine their availability to serve. Funerals may need to be catered from outside the congregation.

Approved by Eden Leadership Team, July 20, 2020